Pep's kitchen

If you have made it here, you must know Pep Romany. He is the driver of the culinary project that is the Pont Sec restaurant. Pep is a cook, but also a gourmet, a reclaimer of flavours, a hunter of experiences, a provider of sensations and a thousand more things that may be a tiny bit pretentious (you know what it’s like, ever cheesier with all this cooking stuff).

Some would even say he is an artist, although Pep himself is not really comfortable with that label. “I am not an artist, I am an artisan. I don’t compose, I interpret the scores that others have composed; whether many years ago or just yesterday, that doesn’t matter to me. I conduct an orchestra, other people are the artists.”

If you talk to him, he will tell you that his cuisine is based on the three Ts: “tradición, territorio y temporada” (tradition, land and season). It’s that simple, and yet, that complex.

He is famous for his cocas (topped flatbreads), his rice dishes, and for the passion he brings that makes everything turn out perfectly. He directs his team and guides them in respect for traditional culinary culture, for the legacy of our grandparents, for reclaiming our history, for the land, for escaping the bubble and for innovation, investigation and modernity, as his menu leaves space for trying new things.

In other words, he doesn’t stop.

He can explain everything we have told you about him much better himself in this interview and the newspaper articles that echo this way of understanding the gust de viure that so defines us.

On behalf of Pepe and the rest of the Pont Sec family, benvinguts i bon profit!

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Tradición, territorio y temporada